Mountune Stage 1 Gearbox Upgrade for Ford Focus ST & RS

Fully assembled and ready to install, this upgrade features a set of upgraded bearings that provide exceptional durability and strength, even under the most extreme racing conditions.

    Mountune Stage 1 Gearbox Product Information

    Our Stage 1 Gearbox Upgrade for the Focus ST or Focus RS arrives fully assembled and ready to install, meticulously crafted by our experienced in-house engine build team.

    We start with a brand new original Ford (Getrag) MMT6 gearbox, then each box is disassembled and inspected to ensure each part and component meets specifications. We then reassemble the gearbox with our carbon-lined upgraded synchros and steel-caged primary bearings. A Quaife ATB differential is added to ensure maximum traction and improved cornering.

    Price is outright, no exchange is required, and because these are shipped assembled and ready to install, downtime with your vehicle is reduced.

    The upgraded carbon fiber lined synchros ensure precise and lightning-fast shifting, giving you an edge over the competition.

    And with the Quaife ATB differential included, you'll enjoy unbeatable traction and control on any race track.

    Optional upgrades include the mountune Quick Shifter and WPC surface treatment, delivering even smoother, more precise shifts and a further reduction in gear wear. 

    Applicable Models:


    Stage 1 Gearbox Standard Features

    Our Stage 1 Gearbox Upgrade arrives fully assembled and ready to install, meticulously crafted by mountune's experienced in-house engine build team. Benefit from their expertise and enjoy a hassle-free installation experience, knowing your gearbox is optimized for ultimate racing performance. 


    We replace your factory plastic-sleeved bearings with our high-performance steel-caged bearings. These bearings deliver the strength and resilience required for relentless racing performance. 


    Shift gears with extraordinary precision and lightning-fast speed. Our carbon-lined steel synchros replace the MMT6's factory brass synchros, ensuring seamless gear changes that give you the edge on the track. 


    Command every corner with unwavering confidence. The Quaife ATB limited slip differential, renowned for its superiority, provides maximum traction and unrivaled control, enabling you to conquer the most challenging race tracks with ease. 

    Stage 1 Gearbox Transmission Optional Features

    Mountune Quick Shift for Focus RS/ST 

    A shorter and crisper shifter throw provides a positive driving experience on the Focus. After considerable evaluation and input, mountune engineers determined the optimum reduction for the Focus shifter to be at 25%. This amount allows an enhanced driving experience while maintaining an OE quality and feel with minimal stress on the OE shift cables and components. Despite being 500g lighter than the OE component, thanks to being machined from solid aluminum upper bridge, the plated steel counterweights ensure positive shift engagement and smooth operation. All components are plated or anodized for years of durability.

    [ Learn more about mountune Quick Shift ]

    WPC Surface & Shaft Treatment 

    Benefits of WPC surface treatment include:

    • Greatly improves fatigue strength and stress corrosion fracture resistance
    • Improves surface hardness and surface finish for increased strength, reduced friction, and improved wear resistance
    • Increases in horsepower and engine transient response are seen from friction reduction and improved ring seal.
    • Micro dimpled surface will not harm and works well on finely finished machined areas and other delicate areas
    • Does not distort close tolerance parts
    • Treated assemblies run cooler
    • Can double the service life of racing or high-performance components

    [ Learn more about WPC Surface Treatment ]

    Motul Multi-Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

    High-performance technosynthese® lubricant specially engineered for dual-clutch transmission (DCT) gearbox type. Suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles fitted with DCT gearboxes featuring Double-Dry Clutch Transmission and Double-Wet Clutch Transmission design.

    [ Learn more about Motul Multi-DCTF ]

    Built to order - Purchase yours today!

    Mountune Stage 1 Transmission Focus RS Gearbox Transmission

    Product Code: 6000-GRS-01
    Starting from $6,999.00

    Mountune Stage 1 Transmission Focus ST Gearbox Transmission

    Product Code: 6000-GST-01
    Starting from $5,899.00


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Does mountune offer removal/installation of gearboxes?

    At this time we do not offer any removal or installation services.

    Is there a break-in procedure for the Stage 1 gearbox?

    We highly recommend taking the following precautions for at least the first 500 miles:

    • Use proper GL4 or similar shockproof gear oil. Our preferred transmission fluid is MOTUL MULTI Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (DCTF) for superior lubrication and performance.
    • Allow a minimum of 20 minutes of running time to warm up the gear oil.
    • No flat foot shifting.
    • Avoid making rapid gear changes.
    • Make sure you are using a dual-mass flywheel or clutch with a sprung hub.
    • Avoid high-rpm drag race style launches and starts.
    • Make sure you know how to correctly operate a manual transmission.

    What transmission fluid does mountune recommend?

    We highly recommend using Motul Multi-DCTF Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid in our Stage 1 gearbox transmissions for the best performance. It will require two-1L bottles which can be purchased here:

    [ Shop for Motul Multi-DCTF ]

    What is WPC gear and shaft treatment?

    The WPC process is unrivaled in treating engine parts and other surfaces that have contact points of friction. WPC is superior because it is not a coating; it is a permanent surface treatment that reduces friction. Its unique micro-dimple formation pattern greatly reduces friction and is unmatched by conventional methods of surface treatment.

    What is a Quaife ATB Differential upgrade?

    A direct replacement for the standard front Ford open differential, the Quaife ATB differential transforms your car's performance maximizing traction and improving cornering. Unlike a conventional plate-style limited slip differential, the Quaife differential relies on gears rather than clutch plates for its operation. That means it is much smoother in operation and never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle. Instead, the Quaife differential automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel, across the axle to a constantly varying degree.

    Does the Stage 1 gearbox include a warranty or guarantee?

    Mountune Stage 1 Transmissions come with a 6-month (starting from the date of product delivery) warranty against defects in parts or workmanship. This warranty is limited to the repair of the transmission by Mountune LLC only and does not cover installation or removal labor, shipping, or the cost of any other expenses incurred. Damage due to Racing, abuse, or bad driving habits is not covered under this warranty.

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