Mountune Power Wins Pikes Peak Hill Climb...Again

2023 Pikes Peak Overall Winner Powered by Mountune USA

Robin Shute continues to dominate the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with his heavily modified Wolf chassis featuring a Mountune USA prepared Honda K20. The 700+ HP engine features a range of modifications engineered not only for power but reliability. New for this year was the addition of fresh air anti-lag to enhance the engine response and dramatically reduce turbo lag.  The foundation of the engine is the heavily modified engine block that includes the addition of Darton MID Sleeves and O-Ring sealing all secured with ARP fasteners. The rotating assembly is made up of a forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods and 10.5:1 CR 2618 High strength alloy pistons with NPR rings. ACL bearings are used throughout. The cylinder head ports have been modified for maximum velocity and the VTEC system has been disabled. The camshafts are bespoke and operate Supertech roller rockers and valves.  A custom configured Borg Warner EFR Turbocharger provides the boost. The engine also relies on a Pace dry sump system and Motul 300V oil to ensure maximum protection and reduced friction.

Pikes Peak K20 on the dyno at mountune
The installation of Darton MID Sleeves requires extensive machining to the block all done in-house at Mountune USA. 
Darton K20 MID

The MID or Modular Integrated Deck design adds considerable strength to the engine block assembly by stabilizing the deck surface and increasing the cylinder wall thickness, a must for high cylinder pressure applications.  

Darton K20 MID sleeves by Mountune

The standard Honda K20 cylinder head is modified with slightly larger valves and valve train supplied by Supertech. The VTEC feature was disabled but the VVT system was retained on the intake cam.  Camshafts are a custom Mountune USA design. 

Mountune K20 upgraded cylinder head
For 2023, the engine was updated with Fresh Air Anti Lag using a valve from DSPS Technology, mounted on a custom fabricated manifold. Fresh Air Anti Lag greatly reduces turbocharger lag allowing the engine to remain in the power band during tight and slow speed corners.  The engine calibration is by Motorsports Electronics. 
Mountune Honda K20 with Fresh Air Anti Lag

Motul 300V is used to provide stable and maximum protection and performance.  

Mountune uses Motul


Engine Designation: Mountune Honda K20A 2.1L
Race series used in: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
Number of cylinders: 4
Bore: 88mm
Stroke: 86mm
Induction Single turbo
Fuel type and rating (RON/MON) VP Racing X85 (E85)
Block  material Aluminium
Liners  Darton MID Sleeves
Cylinder material Ductile Iron
Type of big end and main bearings ACL Racing
Crankshaft material Forged Steel 
Number of crankpins 4
Number of main bearings 5
Rod material SAE 4340
Piston material 2618 High Strength Alloy
Number of piston rings 3
Piston ring material NPR Steel + Nitriding/Steel + Cr
Pin material/coating 5115 low-alloy steel - no coating
Valvetrain DOHC
Type of cam follower Supertech Roller type rocker arm 
Variable valve lift/timing system Variable intake valve timing
Method of cam drive Chain
Number of spark plugs or ignition sources per cylinder 1
Valves per cylinder: 4
Valve angles NA
Valve sizes In 35.5mm Ex 30.5mm
Valve materials In Stainless Steel Ex Inconel
Solid or hollow valves Solid
Type of ignition Coil on Plug 
Type of throttle single butterfly
Number of injectors 4
Position of injectors Port
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Peak torque rpm 4500-9000 rpm
Peak power rpm 9000 rpm
Max rpm 9000 rpm
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