Mountune Announces MK20 Engines for FR, JSF4, and Formula Pro

Mountune Announces MK20 Engines for FR, JSF4, and Formula Pro

Mountune USA is pleased to announce our association with FR, JSF4, and Formula Pro as the exclusive engine supplier.

In response to the demand for cost-effective engine enhancements, we are pleased to announce the MK20J and MK20R engine power units. Based on the Honda K20C1, the revised specification features various upgrades over the previous engines that improve reliability and service, engineered to keep teams racing. The engine enhancement program includes various updates along with improved piston and piston ring pack design, upgraded head gasket, and improved cylinder head fasteners.

MK20J Engine Power Unit

MK20R Engine Power Unit

Mountune USA has been the FR and Formula 4 engine development and trackside service partner of HPD for over five years. We are honored to continue that service directly with Parella Motorsport Holdings and Exclusive Racing as we move forward to support FR, Ligier JSF4, and Formula Pro with enhanced engine reliability and world-class customer service. Mountune USA will also provide teams with required replacement parts and engine service items.


Engine rebuilds and service will continue to be supported by our self-contained, modern facility in California. To recommission previously replaced engines or engines considered unusable, we have developed a service program that will return those engines to a high standard of reliability and service life while maintaining the power uniformity of existing engines currently in service. Additionally, any engine currently in service can be enhanced to the latest specification once a rebuild service is required. This program will provide a cost-effective rebuild along with enhanced service life and stable performance.

Interested teams can contact us at or call (424) 368-6036.


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