Honda K20C1 Crate Engine and Controls Package Now Available!

Honda K20C1 Crate Engine and Controls Package Now Available!

Earlier this year, Honda Performance Development announced that they would finally be making their K20C1 Crate Engine widely available to customers beyond their Honda Racing Line members and race teams. Announced at the same time was the release of an HPD-tuned Controls Package to greatly simplify the engine installation process and eliminate the need for custom ECU tuning.

This crate engine includes the Civic Type R K20C1 long block, starter, alternator, turbocharger, intake manifold and direct injection fuel system. Your off-highway application will determine the other basic components required to finish the vehicle such as transmission, exhaust, intercooler, and air filter. The addition of an HPD tuned Controls Package makes the process of getting the car up and running easier than ever.

There will be less than 100 of these K20C1 Crate Engines and Controls Packages available. This limited edition package is the simplest way to install a reliable 306 hp / 296 lb-ft Honda engine and ECU that are ready to go right out of the box without having to visit a tuner.

Mountune USA engineers swapped the very first HPD K20C1 Crate Engine and Controls Package into a 1996 Honda Accord and turned it into a JDM inspired race car in collaboration with HPD and other motorsport partners in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of performance wheel brand Fifteen52

[Check out Mountune USA's exclusive Project 96 feature by Millennium Motoring here]

At Mountune we have been at the forefront of high performance four-cylinder engine technology for over 40 years. We have been working with Honda Performance Development for many years building an intimate knowledge of the K20C1 and currently serve as the official engine service provider to HPD for F4 US and FR Americas.

Mountune USA is one of the few official distributors of the limited edition HPD K20C1 Crate Engine and Controls Package. Having extensive experience with the K20C1 engine and firsthand knowledge of the HPD Controls Package, we are best positioned to supply the components and technical support required to help make your K20C1 project a success. Contact our crate engine sales team at 714-424-9400 or

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