Collection: Motul Classic Engine Oils

Pre-war cars often have no oil filter. If a modern oil is filled into such an engine, it can lead to a total collapse: The detergents in the oil dissolve the decades-old deposits, where they are then held in suspension by special additives to be transported to the oil filter. But in the absence of a filter, the deposits are repeatedly pumped through the entire oil circuit, where they cause considerable wear and eventually clog an oil channel and no longer allow oil to pass through at all. This oil infarction can cause the engine to seize up and require a costly overhaul.

If an old engine has no oil filter, or where an engine's condition is unknown a non or low additivated oil with low detergent level should be used. In case an old engine with no oil filter has been overhauled and thoroughly cleaned of deposits and oil carbon, mildly additivated oils are recommended.

Where an old racing engine has been rebuilt with the latest materials and machined to today's close manufacturing tolerances, there is nothing to be said against using a state-of-the-art high-performance oil such as 300V.

Leveraging Motul's decades of experience in lubricants, and combined with its strong heritage, knowledge, and expertise, you can be assured that the Motul Classic range has the perfect product for classic engines.