1.6L EcoBoost Engine Assemblies


Mountune's extensive knowledge of the Ford EcoBoost engines coupled with our comprehensive motorsport experience provides the foundation for our high-performance 1.6L Ford EcoBoost engine assemblies.

Each mountune EcoBoost assembly starts off as a brand new aluminum Ford Fiesta ST open deck engine block which can be strengthened with the latest Cylinder Support System before being skillfully assembled with mountune forged pistons, forged h-beam connecting rods, and tri-metal racing bearings—with a mountune Fully Counter-weighted Crankshaft also available.

Engine Specs:

Base Engine 1.6L Ford EcoBoost
Bore X Stroke Φ 79mm x 81.4 mm
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Piston Upgraded Forged Piston
Connecting Rod Mountune Forged H Beam Rod
Crankshaft 81.4mm Fiesta ST
Main Bearing Mountune Race Tri-Metal
Main Bolts OEM High-Tensile Strength
Application Fiesta ST 2014-2019 


Reinforced Open-Deck Design

The Cylinder Support System is a proven method of strengthening open deck engine blocks while maintaining OEM integrity. The support ring is made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum. It prevents cylinder cracking, walking, and bell-mouthing and features full support between each cylinder.


The mountune MRX Cylinder Head is a factory cylinder head that has undergone our precision MRX machining service for the best possible performance, increasing intake airflow by 51% and exhaust airflow by 24%.

Our 1.6L EcoBoost MRX cylinder head found on the 1.6 MRX Long Block engine assembly also features high-performance black nitrided intake valves, sodium inconel exhaust valves, along with our motorsport valve stem seals, and V2 camshafts.


Comparison Chart:

HP Short Block

SKU: 6064-SB-160

N1 Long Block

SKU: 6064-LB-160S1

MRX Long Block

SKU: 6064-LB-160S2

Engine Block Factory New Ford OEM Aluminum 1.6L EcoBoost Engine Block
Cylinder Support System Available Included
Pistons Lightweight 79 mm Bore 10:1 Compression Ratio Forged Pistons w/ Nitrided Rings
Connecting Rods High-Tensile Strength Forged 4340 Alloy Steel H-Beam Rods w/ ARP 2000 Bolts
Crankshaft Dynamically Balanced Ford OEM Fiesta ST Forged 4340 Steel 81.4 mm Stroke Crankshaft w/ Lightweight Counter Balanced Option Available
Oil System Not Included Mountune Baffled Oil Control Sump
Fasteners Not Included Premium Grade 8740 Alloy High-Performance Cylinder Head Studs w/ Black Oxide Finish
Cylinder Head Not Included Ford OEM 1.6L Ecoboost DOHC w/ Variable Camshaft Timing Aluminum Cylinder Head

Mountune MRX Cylinder Head w/ Motorsport-Grade Valves and V2 Camshafts 

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